Chronosphere Fiction

Conceived in Liberty : part 2 of 3

July 7, 2019

A screenplay style story of insufferable patriotism.

Blake Benlan voice acts Kirk Gower

Will Geare voice acts Aaron

Kathy Lieberman voice acts Aaron's mother

J. Dean Garcia voice acts Noah

Matthew Smith voice acts Steve McPherson

Katelin Curtis voice acts Scarlet

Harrison Derbyshire voice acts Loyd the Bartender

Alexis Bird voice acts Lana Darcie

Joey Ochoa voice acts Hector, Michaela, Secretary, Congressperson 2

Van Riker voice acts Barry

Dr. Michelle Booze voice acts Cynthia Gower

Warren Clarke voice acts Mike

Pete Lutz voice acts George Watts

Rosanna Jimeno voice acts Scene Direction and Jack & Lucy Gower

Mike Bethel voice acts Paul Guthrie

Bob Larsen voice acts Congressman

Lucas Nelson voice acts Robert Schiff

Daniel French voice acts Lex, Darcie Show Director, and Speaker of the House

Written by Blake Benlan

Production, Sound Design, and Music by Daniel French: Fishbonius Sound Design