Chronosphere Fiction

Gafgarn: S2 E1 : Taking a Moment : Gafgarn the Eternally Unfurnished

March 6, 2021

Gafgarn awoke with a start, sweat like beads of ice all over his body. It was the same every night before, since the terrible pit of darkness swallowed everyone in Ursula’s mansion whole and spit them back out, chewed, gnawed, and missing pieces of themselves.


Written by Jeremiah French 

Mike Bethel : Narration, Gafgarn, Wither, Harden, Guard no. 1

Daniel French : Rogue, Raddid, Guard no. 2, Chronosphere Pilot

Deborah Cristobal : Imadi

Madelena Fossatti : Ilaeda

Katelin Curtis : Sully

Julia Eve : Madame Ursula

Cindy Stevens : Vangie the Assassin

Production, Music, Editing, and Sound Design by Daniel French at Fishbonius Sound Design

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