Chronosphere Fiction

Gafgarn the Eternally Unfurnished ch. 9 : The Hunt and the Fox

December 15, 2018

We catch up with Ilaeda as she has a surprising encounter. Gafgarn, Imadi, Dorin, and Sully meet new politicos in the klink and make a new deal.

We welcome Julia Eve as the new voice of Ilaeda

Mike Bethel voice acts Gafgarn, Dorin, Albino Jester, Harden, and the thug.

Dr. Michelle Booze voice acts Sully

Zachery Jame Macias voice acts Faulks

Gafgarn the Eternally Unfurnished is written by Jeremiah Sundance French @DrunkenMarmoset

Produced at Fishbonius Sound Design: FishPod by Daniel French

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