Chronosphere Fiction

Gafgarn Vol. 3 Gafgarn the Eternally Unfurnished chapters 7, 8, & 9

December 13, 2019

We are proud to present Gafgarn the Eternally Unfurnished chapters 7-9 remixed, remastered, with new sfx and new music. Encounter a fantasy world with a story like no other.

At the end of Volume 2 Gafgarn and company had just met Imadi, dispatched some bandits that used to work for Smidgin and now work for Ursula, and continued their journey tracking the Albino Jester. |

Your Narrator and the voices of Gafgarn, Wither, Dorin,, the Albino Jester, The tea seller, and various thugs is Mike Bethel |

Ilaeda is voice acted by Julia Eve |

Sully is Dr. Michelle Booze |

Imadi and Sick Lillith are Deborah Cristobal |

Kai Ren is Zachery J. Macias |

Madame Ursula is Sarah Golding |

Vangie the Assassin is Cindy Stevens |

various voices by J. Dean Garcia |

Production, Direction, Sound Design, and music by Daniel French |

Written by Jeremiah French