Chronosphere Fiction

Generation Z ch. 4 The Clutches of Life

October 20, 2018

Aerosol vaccines in the lab. We learn a bit about Dr. Meighan. Samantha's training hatches a plan. Is Mom still kickin? Developements with Marie. The trail to find Nick.

Dr. Schneider        Rod Diaz

Dr. Whitney          Mike Bethel

Dr. Meighan          Sarah Golding

Lars                     Daniel French

Samantha            Deborah Cristobal

George                J. Dean Garcia

Leanne                Dr. Michelle Booze

Capt. Roberts       Zachery James Maccias

Sam's Mom          Kathy Leiberman

Margaret              Cindy Stevens

Marie                   Claire & Emma Lane

Charlotte              Deborah Cristobal

Danton                 Zachery Maccias

Kevin                   Will Geare

Kevin's Dad          Walter Clark

Written by Blake Benlan

Produced by Daniel French

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