Chronosphere Fiction

Generation Z ch 5 : Do or Die

December 29, 2018

Zombie dominance continues 100 years in the future.


J. Dean Garcia is George

Deborah Cristobal is Samantha

Dr. Michelle Booze is Leanne

Zachery Macias is Capt. Roberts and Benjamin Danton

Blake Benlan is Consul Nathaniel

Joey Ochoa is Nick

Kathy Lieberman is Sam's Mom

Will Gear is Kevin

Warren Clark is Mr. Hobbes

Van Riker is President Knox

Mike Bethel is Dr. Whitney

Sarah Golding is Dr. Meighan

Rod Diaz is Dr. Schneider

Daniel French is Lars, Driver, extras

Generation Z is written by Blake Benlan

Produced by Daniel French at Fishbonius Sound Design


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