Chronosphere Fiction

Generation Z ch 7: The Summit part 1

April 28, 2019

President Knox arrives at Living Zone 1 for the summit with Ambassador Gorman where they are met by Consul Nathaniel, Vice-Consul Calhoun, and Dr. Meighan. Samantha, Mrs. Cooper and Nick are picked up by Sherrif Dietz and taken to Mayor Schumacher in DZ6 Porterville.


Pres. Knox is Van Riker

Ambassador Gorman and Mayor Schumacher are Harrison Derbyshire

The Consul is Blake Benlan

Vice-Consul Calhoun is Katelin Curtis

Dr. Meighan is Sarah Golding

Lars and Sheriff Dietz are Daniel French

Samantha is Deborah Cristobal

Sam’s Mom/Mrs. Cooper is Kathy Lieberman

Nick Hobbes is Joey Ochoa



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