Chronosphere Fiction

Generation Z ch 8: The Summit part 2

May 5, 2019

Kevin and Mr. Hobbes arrive in LZ1. The Summit commences in the ballroom of the Consular Capital. Capt. Roberts, Lt. Ramsay, and George are hot on the heels of Samantha and Nick.



Pres. Knox is Van Riker

Mayor Schumacher is Harrison Derbyshire

Ambassador Gorman is Lucas James Nelson

The Consul is Blake Benlan

Vice-Consul Calhoun is Katelin Curtis

Dr. Meighan and Lt. Ramsay are Sarah Golding

Lars is Daniel French

Kevin Hobbes is Will Geare

Mr. Hobbes is Warren Clark

Dr. Schneider is Rod Diaz

George Cooper is J. Dean Garcia

Cast. Roberts is Zachary Macias

Shiona Davene, Kota Rieb, Ben Seilhamer, and Charles Kernkamp from Santa Barbara band The Advocates played zombie and living crowd members, and Life Guards.




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