Chronosphere Fiction

Generation Z : Dawn of the Living : Season 2 episode 1

March 12, 2020

What happened with George and Leanne? Will Pres. Knox return to the White House? What action will Dr. Schneider take with Mr. HobbesMarie, Charlotte Knox, and Nurse Margaret Donahue? Where are Sheriff Dietz , Nick, Samantha and Mrs. Cooper going?

George Cooper is J. Dean Garcia

Leanne is Alexis Bird

Samantha Cooper and Charlotte Knox is Deborah Cristobal

Mrs. Cooper is Kathy Lieberman

Nick Hobbes is Spencer Frederick

Nurse Margaret Donahue is Cindy Stevens

General Adams and Mr. Hobbes is Warren Clark

Dr. Schneider is Rod Diaz

Pres. Knox is Van Riker

The Consul is Blake Benlan

Governor Lewin is Kathryn Skinner

Benjamin Danton is Zachary Macias

Marie is Katelin Curtis

Sheriff Dietz is Daniel French

Reporters are Blake Benlan, Rosanna Jimeno, and Van Riker

Production, Editing, Sound Design, and Music are Daniel French at Fishbonius Sound Design




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