Chronosphere Fiction

Monday through Friday at the Smith Residence : Act 1

January 29, 2018

It's October, 1984 and the Smiths are enjoying their piece of the American dream. This wholsome suburban family is just so cheery ..... from the outside. We become a fly on the wall and see what's really going on. Act 1 of 5

Lights up on the Smith residence. Monday. On the first floor is a small foyer (including a staircase), a kitchen/dining room and a living room. Visible on the second floor are two bedrooms (one belonging to Randal, the other to both Graham and Albert; they share a bunk bed) separated by a hallway. Frank sits at the head of the dining room table reading a newspaper (from which he rarely looks up). Barbara hurriedly sets the table, having prepared breakfast for the family not long ago. A digital alarm clock goes off in Randal’s room. A bell alarm clock sounds in the room shared by Graham and Albert 

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