Chronosphere Fiction

October Country : Bloodroot

April 30, 2022

Alvin Carter is a musician traveling the Appalachia to trade songs. He encounters quite the requiem.

Written by Mark Slade

Alvin Carter : Pete Lutz

Mr. Davis : Daniel French

Mr. Odell : Joe Stofko

Ida Hampton : Katelin Curtis

Jesse Steadman : Van Riker

Sheriff Lewis : Steve Katz

Townsfolk : Patrick Horton

Radney Hampton : Frank Guglielmeli

Monroe Buel : Daniel French

Music: "October Country" and "Tempered Masses" composed, performed, and produced by Diablo Jones. "The Cuckoo" with vocals by Victoria Fancki and Knoxville Girl with vocals by Rosanna Jimeno performed and produced by Daniel French 

October Country was created by Lothar Tuppan, Chauncey Haworth, and Mark Slade

Production, editing, mixing, foley, mastering and sound design by Daniel French of Fishbonius Sound Design

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