Chronosphere Fiction

Of Outlaws and Lawmen : chapter 1

March 31, 2020

We head into the Old West with a tale of good guys and bad guys. Get ready to hit the trail.

Mayor, Rancher, Bartender: Blake Benlan

Sheriff, Lang, Lenny Small: Daniel French

Jeremiah Foxx : Van Riker

Prostitute Claire: Katherine Skinner

Marshal Thurgood : Pete Lutz

Brothel Owner, Myer Greenwald, Pete, Clayton: Mike Bethel

Rancher’s Daughter: Kathy Lieberman

Buck : Harrison Derbyshire

James Thompson: Warren Clark

Roy Simpson: Spencer Frederick

Marcus Finnley: J. Dean Garcia

Misc. Voices :  Rosanna Jimeno, Jarret Stalling

Written by Blake Benlan

Production and Sound Design by Daniel French at Fishbonius Sound Design

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