Chronosphere Fiction

Pony for Sean

July 25, 2020

The CLONDALKIN area of DUBLIN in 1997.In this working class part of Dublin, horse ownership has become almost like a rite-of-passage for the many young teenagers living in this area, and the only escape from high unemployment, and all the problems associated with it. 


Written by Patricia Keiller

Spencer Frederick is Sean Keenan

Frank Guglielmelli is Tom Keenan (Sean's father)

Katelin Curtis is Anne Keenan (Sean's mother) and Mary Keenan (Sean's sister)

Warren Clark is Brendan Keenan (Sean's brother)

Mike Bethel is Mike Shaunessy (Sean's friend)

Jarret Stalling is Liam Keenan (Sean's uncle)

Joe Stofko is Brian Donoghue (Upscale Horse Trainer)

Daniel French is John Brophy and Man from Corporation


Production, Sound Design, and Music by Daniel French at Fishbonius Sound Design

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