Chronosphere Fiction

Port Locke 9 : Rat, Canoe, Carcass

March 18, 2020

Egan, Willow, Bruner, and Halsey question their prisoner with Melindor. Willow is given a quest and another mystery to solve. Gil takes our heroes for a ride through the forrest.

Egan the Bard is Javier Valesquez

WillowLaGond is Wyatt Spencer

Buner Stormshield is Rod Diaz

Halsey Malicewell is J. Dean Garcia

Maggalyth is Rosanna Jimeno

Linnette, Gil, Melindor, Trey, Ted, Ethan, Amile, Sherriff Dillard and other voices are Daniel French

the song Twisted Nerve, whistled by Linnette, was composed by Antonio Vivaldi

Port Locke is written by Daniel French

Production, Sound Design, and Music by Daniel French of Fishbonius Sound Design


Fishbonius Sound Design

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