Chronosphere Fiction

The Abyss : Gafgarn the Eternally Unfurnished ch.15 Season one finale, part 2

September 7, 2020

Gafgarn the Eternally Unfurnished comes to the end of season 1. Who died? Who lived? The gang wakes up after whatever that was that happened last episode. 

Narration, Gafgarn, Wither, The Albino Jester, Dorin, Hardin, are voice acted by Mike Bethel |

Artag is Warren Clark |

Ilaeda and Madame Ursula are Julia Eve |

Sully is Katelin Curtis |

Alice is Rosanna Jimeno |

Blacksmith is Kristina Smith |

Written by Jeremiah S. French @DrunkenMarmoset |

Production, Sound Design, and Music by Daniel French at Fishbonius Sound Design @Fishbonius

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