Chronosphere Fiction

Wine from Greenland

February 2, 2022

As Anton and Ian wait to be seated at a restaurant, a seemingly ordinary conversation leads them to a mutual realization about life and society: man is a caged animal, chained to social conventions, roles and relationships. But beyond married life, affairs, jobs and obligations lies a land where one can start over and rediscover themselves. Will they find freedom or will they fail in their quest? “Wine from Greenland”, an audio play that explores the meaning of society and identity in the search for absolute freedom.

Performed by Andrei Callanan, Lisa Gallagher and Rahul Dewan. Written & Directed by Alejandro Niklison.

The following sounds from Freesound were used in this play: Weird ambience by sensoniq; earthscan1 and wateradd by irad.

Draconian Theatre Group met through No Drama Theatre in Dublin, Ireland 2019. Following the success of their online Zoom play "Boxes", this is their first radio play. 

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